SmartScan Auto Dialer


This 21st century security device can save you hundreds of dollars a year in monitoring fees. It can "guard" your home or office seven days a week, 24 hours a day and call for help if an intruder is detected.

The SmartScan Auto Dialer consists of a wireless transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter contains a built-in PIR motion detector. Whenever motion is detected it sends a signal to the receiver. The receiver will then automatically dials up to three preset phone numbers and plays your prerecorded message.

You could record a message like, "this is John Doe, an intruder has been detected in my home located at 123 Maple St. Please send the police right away."

Upon detecting the intruder you could have the SmartScan automatically call your cell phone, a neighbor, and the police.

Features include simple operation (can be installed by anyone in only minutes), arms and disarms at the touch of a button, entry and exit delays ensure that only the owner will be able to deactivate the system, phone cord and AC adapter included, runs on your current phone line (an additional line is not required).

Please note: this auto dialer is an independent unit and does not connect to any other security device.

Requires six 'AA' batteries.