The Soundtron uses a built-in motion detector to automatically play your prerecorded message to anyone who passes by. Store owners can use it near their front doors to greet and welcome customers or it can be placed next to a product to announce special features or a sale. It can be used in factories and construction sites to announce safety messages like "safety is our #1 concern- hard hats are required for all personal beyond this point". In the home it could play personal messages to loved ones or could be used as a security device. When a family member walks through the door they could hear your voice say "welcome home honey, dinner is in the refrigerator. I had to go to a meeting and should be home by 8:00". At night time, if an intruder came into your home they could hear a message like "this home is protected by ABC monitoring company. Your presence has been detected and the police are on their way". You could also record the sound of a furious dog barking. The recording quality is so life-like the intruder would have no idea that the dog was not real.

You can record and store four different 16 second messages and one 32 second message. A switch on the back of the unit allows you to select one of the messages or all four messages can be played consecutively whenever motion is detected. Another setting will play the messages in succession but only one message will be heard each time motion is detected. A locking panel on the back of the unit prevents recording from unauthorized users. Includes an AC adapter and requires one 9 volt battery to save the messages during a power outage. Includes brackets to mount the unit to a wall or a shelf . Simple to operate. Adjustable