Xact Communication is a brand name that represents a life redesigned by technology. A life not only on the move, but one that is enhanced by freedom of mobility. Remember when Dick Tracy had a wireless wristwatch communicator? It seemed so futuristic. It's now possible and, even, affordable. This new item from Xact communications is possibly the best way ever to keep in touch with your friends, family and children in your neighborhood, at school, the mall, picnics, or wherever you need to stay in touch with one another. Features include: Backlit Digital Watch 1.5 Mile Range to communicate over great distances Includes 22 Channels: Channels 1-14 FRS and Channels 15-22 GMRS! The Xact Communicator operates with all FRS radios currently on the market. VOX (Voice Activated) operation. Backlit LCD Display so it's easy to read.......even at night! Call Alert signal button for urgent calls! Channel Scan with lock feature Electronic Volume Control or Headset/earbud compatible 500mW TX Power Output for a stronger, clearer signal! User Replaceable Rechargeable Battery and AC Battery Charger (both included)